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Hygeia Golden Biscuit Sheep Dip

Hygeia Golden Biscuit Sheep Dip

Product Details:

A Specially Formulated Golden Biscuit Sheep Dip

Benefits of Golden iscuit Sheep Dip:
- Colours the fleece
- Excellent repellent
- Contains Waterproofing Oils
- Suitable for all sheep types
- Purls, tightens and conditions
- Improves Apperance for Show and Sale

Available in 5 litre pack (sold as 2 x 5 litres)

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Golden Biscuit Sheep Dip is for external animal use only. Dilute at 1:100. Replenish after 25% bath volume drop at 1:100. In hard water add 1kg of Washing Soda per 500L of water, allow to stand a minimum of 2 hours before use.

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