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Mortone Gold
Mortone Gold

Mortone Gold

Product Details:

The strongest MCPA on the market.

  • 50% stronger than any other MCPA
  • Controls rush, thistle, common nettle, meadow buttercup and many more
  • 75% special formulation, reduced application rate.
  • Available in 5l & 10l.

For use as an agricultural herbicide:

  • Established grassland: 1.8l/ha (max individual dose).  3.6l product/ha/year (max total dose)
  • Grass seed crop: 1.8l/ha (max individual dose). 1.8l product/ha/year (max total dose)

Stockists: Homeland Stores and other leading Agri Merchants. 

Use pesticides safely. Read label before use. Respect 5 metre buffer zones. Protect waterways.