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The Pasture Box

The Pasture Box

Product Details:

Mortox 50 and New Hyflux are biologically compatible and if used in conjunction with each other they provide excellent control of major broad-leaved weeds including dandelion, buttercup, spear thistle and common nettle.

For difficult to control weeds use Mortox 50 at 2.8L/ha and New Hyflux at half rate (1L/ha). For short term control or where weeds are not well established, Mortox 50 can be applied at the rate of 1.4L/ha in conjunction with New Hyflux at 0.5L/ha. Use pesticides safely - read all instructions carefully.

Contains two separate products which can be used in combination or separately: New Hyflux 1L (200g/l fluroxypyr, equivalent to 28.6% w/w fluroxypyr-1-methylheptyl ester with an aromatic hydrocarbon) and Mortox 50 2.8L (500g/l (42.69% w/w) 2,4-D.AMINE)